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I have always loved photography. When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist but thought since I had to look at my subject to draw it, it was considered cheating. Then I thought photography, you had to look at it to capture it. My mom had an old Poloroid camera, one that I think she picked up at a garage sale. She never got any film for it but that didn't stop me, I would take pretend pictures of my cat. Eventually I saved my money and bought me a 110 camera. Then in high school my dad bought himself a Canon AE1 and the rest is history.

I got my BA in photography in 1987 at Columbia College in Chicago. Towards the end of my college career they brought in the computers and I jumped ship for computer graphics. Photography since, has only been a strong hobby.

Until I found out about photoblogging, I had no idea to do with all the photos I was taking. This blog is the perfect forum for me to show off and to stretch my creative muscle as I come up with a daily image.

I hope you enjoy.

I have a passion for kaleidoscopes and hope to make stained glass ones some day but in the meantime I have made digital ones. Click here to see the print pieces and the videos of my scopes.

Swardraws, the site
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My Photography
Before this blog I representing my photography this way. You may see a familiar photos here that I put in this gallery.

Mirror Project
I can not resist a self portrait taken from a shiny surface. Neither can a lot of people. Hence the Mirror Project. Here are my photos from that site


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